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  • Still Living Fear? (5/29/2021) -    It saddens my heart to see my fellow Americans being led like drones by our government, still wearing masks as if their life depends on them, remember the CDC claimed it was to protect the other guy? So if it’s not protecting you are you telling everyone around you, because you still have that … Continue reading Still Living Fear?
  • It’s Time To Take A Stand! (5/24/2021) -     I never set out just to be a person of controversy; it’s never been my desire or my aim to be controversial. I have never believed the pulpit to be the place to hash out political differences. I take no pleasure in stirring the pot as it were. (I don’t like drama) and … Continue reading It’s Time To Take A Stand!
  • “How to be a Successful Nobody” (5/13/2021) -       HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL NOBODY John 6:1-13 A librarian commented concerning a woman just leaving her desk that she could get more out of a mystery novel than anyone she knew. “How is that?” asked her co-worker.  She replied, “She starts in the middle so that she not only wonders how … Continue reading “How to be a Successful Nobody”
  • LET FREEDOM RING! (4/25/2021) -     As our country titers on the brink of destruction from within, just as Abraham Lincoln said could happen, we as Christians in prayer are seeking answers on how to turn things around and bring our nation back to the Godly country it was meant to be. Well if you are one of the … Continue reading LET FREEDOM RING!
  • It’s Not Over (Psalm 94) (4/11/2021) - I am happy to report we are back on the road telling the people we meet about the love of God and trying to give them encouragement. The sad thing is seeing people shying away from each other in fear. Humans are social creatures made in God’s image. The masks we’ve been forced to wear … Continue reading It’s Not Over (Psalm 94)